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New Football Helmets

We are happy to announce Cleburne Football League will be purchasing 60 new helmets, and receiving 10 additional free from Riddell. These new helmets will not only allow us to phase out older helmets, but will bring newer technologies to our league. The safety of our players is placed above all else. Proper fitting and sound helmets will help to protect our players. This is a much needed upgrade and we are happy to announce how proud we are to invest in our players.


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Tackle Football

We offer tackle football for children in grades 1st through 6th grade.  The groups are split by age and are outlined below.  There are also weight limits as to who...



Cleburne Football League offers Cheer for children in grades 1st through 6th grade.  Practices will occur during the week and the squads will attend games on Saturdays to cheer on...


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